Sunday, May 29, 2011

How to Know Whether You Are in Trouble with Your Family

  1. They don’t bother to call you like they once did or return your phone calls.
  2. They either forget or deliberately stop inviting you to family functions.
  3. They don’t share important information with you like illnesses, pregnancies, weddings, or other family matters.
  4. They often make excuses as to why they hadn’t remembered you or your children’s birthdays, but they seem to remember everyone else’s.
  5. They don’t alert you to what problem they may have with you, so they may use someone in the family you do have a close relationship “to find out what’s going on” with you.
  6. They lie or say negative things about you to others.
  7. They exaggerate matters so that it appears that you are the one with the problem and not them.
By Nicholl McGuire

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