Saturday, December 10, 2011

Holidays Go Swinging...Along with Creepy Relatives

It's that time of the year again and many families will be getting together cooking, eating, singing and dare I say it creeping!?  Yep I said it, creeping.

So what on earth do I mean?  That sounds like something an animal would do or something that slides on the ground or some kind of sneaky behavior.  Well, that's exactly what I mean, all of the above!  Creepy relatives creeping around doing creepy things.  Since many heads of families will be busy this time of year, those creepy relatives might be looking for an innocent child to manipulate, an old lady to take advantage of or simply cause a fight hoping in the short-run they can benefit in some way.

There will also be some family creeping around trying to find out what gifts they got this year.  Creeping around to keep from someone noticing how drunk and/or high on drugs they are.  Creeping around to steal, destroy or possibly kill someone or something.  Holidays not only bring cheer but fear as well!

I am one of those people who use to celebrate all the holidays!  But as I have grown older, I have freed myself from the bondage.  Feelings of being bound to do things for others, for false gods, and false ideas, not anymore, I am FREE!  I learned over the years that the one true God that I serve doesn't have anything to do with these man-made American traditions.  Besides, things just ain't what they use to be!  Capice?

I have seen far too much strife in households over the years in my face and behind my back and I had to ask myself, "What am I doing?"  I don't know about you or your family, but what I do know is that anything that makes you compromise truth, causes problems in your family, puts you in unspeakable debt, and makes you feel like you are going insane, ought to be cut off and cut out of your family circle!  Now it won't be easy at first, but I can promise you that with each year it gets easier and easier to do.  You start with the little things like narrowing down the holiday meal, then you start cutting out the decorating, shortening the guest and gift lists, stop sending out Christmas cards, do away with the tree, and so on, until you have a clean slate to either start a new tradition or remain free to do what you want during the holidays.

You see, we have all allowed our parents and other relatives' programming as well as societal pressure to get the best of us all in the name of "family tradition" and some of us just don't have the time, energy, mentality, or spirituality to be caught up in this kind of foolishness anymore!  Some families risk their lives in the snow to get to grandma's house for a one-day event.  Other families have lost their jobs during this time of year and will still try to make a holiday happen come hell or high water.  Still others have lost their lives and freedom behind all the pressure "to come home for the holidays."  There comes a point where you just have to say, "This is no longer something I can do." Pass the baton to someone else, they will be glad to get that Christmas tree and whatever else you no longer want or need.

Now there are some families who do well during the holidays and enjoy one another's company.  I commend them, but I also hope that if they are sincere Christ followers that they do a little more studying of God's word and make the choice to spread truth and not lies during this so-called season of giving (ie. Jesus b-day, Santa, elves, flying reindeer, candy cane symbolism, etc.)  There is a whole lot of giving happening but it isn't according to God's will.  Just think Christ was born in poor circumstances and remained that way through his adult years.  He didn't have a fine car, mansion, a few ladies, strong drink, and other things that kept him bound!  He wasn't caught up with "family" traditions. 

We are all guilty of being hypocritical whether believer or not in what we say and do, meanwhile the Christmas tree is sitting in the church next to the cross on a day that isn't even Christ's birthday--go figure!?  The green idol has been decorated and presented as if it's okay any and everywhere.  Wonder what the Christian God thinks?

Anyway, the holidays go swinging and so do people in their views, ideas, and even when they buy gifts for others.  "Harry, I think I won't be buying Janice this year because...I don't know if I want to buy Jim that...You know last year Evelyn didn't appreciate what I got her...I hope Uncle Tom doesn't show up drunk..."

'Tis the season.

Nicholl McGuire

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