Saturday, March 26, 2016

When They Assume that God is not with You

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Disturbing Family News: 4 Tips on What to Do or Not

Just when you think you know your family, along comes something that shocks, sickens, and makes you wish you were never connected with certain people.  How does one manage to get over such things?  How do you reach that point of no return with some troublesome relatives?

Well after many years observing people go through much with difficult relatives, including myself, I can say that there are several things that I have noticed when it comes to dealing with challenging family members and their disturbing news.

1.  Those in shock often talk to the relative who is the main character in said events or others involved.  They allow the person or kinfolk to share their side of the story no matter how bad.

2.  The hurting family members don't always offer assistance or want to hear details especially when they know full well they aren't the least bit interested in coming to any one's aid.

3.  Shocked and angry relatives will advise close family members and friends to stop enabling the problem relative which also might include shunning the person and others.

4.  They avoid re-connecting with both the difficult person and those affiliated to him or her until issues die down or they simply disconnect for good.

Sometimes the best way to handle any shocking information is to not react publicly.  The more attention you draw to the mayhem, the more likely you will be sucked in by it.  Consider your relationship with the person, who brought the information to you and whether it is really necessary to discuss anything with other loved ones.  If the news is very shameful, it is always best to keep a lid on it and distance yourself from the person and the problem if you know you can't handle him or her and all that comes with the drama unfolding.  Think ahead.

Nicholl McGuire

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Family Articles by Nicholl McGuire and Featured Guests

When I started this blog, I populated it with articles I wrote related to family.  The topics range from controlling partners to holidays.  In time the site grew housing many of the problems and solutions we all have had to learn when it comes to dealing with relatives.  I hope that you will find the work on this blog most useful.  Do take a moment to scroll for topics and click on related links.  Thanks for visiting.

Nicholl McGuire

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Psychologists, Family Therapists, Counselors, Be Featured on this Site

We are currently seeking any professional who has made a contribution online to help people troubled by family related issues.  An upcoming resource list will be provided on this site and you might want to include your work, practice, eBook download, or other related material in the roundup.

This site has been around for awhile now and viewers do seek useful information to help them manage their life challenges, so if you would like to be exposed to a new audience, let us know.  Please do share our request with others.  We have featured some interesting people over the years with both problems and solutions.

Send correspondence to as soon as possible.  We hope to start featuring people and their work rather quickly.

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