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Sunday, June 9, 2019

On Making Excuses for the Crazy Daughter, In-Law

She cries easily, yells loudly, and makes confusing statements that leave you scratching your head.  You know and others close to her know that your "special" daughter or in-law is just not wrapped too tight in her mind.  

For a long time, excuses were made for a daughter's erratic mood swings, sudden shopping sprees, and promiscuity.  As much as you and other kinfolk didn't want to believe that there was something indeed wrong with her, the exes, former coworkers, friends, and even law enforcement convinced you otherwise.  Now you look at someone who seems like a stranger every now and again.  You try to reason the unreasonable when she gets herself in trouble once again.  

After all you or someone else has been with this person, you are still tempted to deny that your relative has an undiagnosed mental illness when someone stares oddly at her.  Yet, truth is truth!  No more covering up facts, no more lies, blaming or excusing off-the-wall behavior, your relative needs some help!

Sometimes help comes when a mental episode is so bad that once again law enforcement has to get involved.  Other times help comes when an observant witness, who has a relative with similar behavior, provides you with resources that has helped his or her family.  You might perform your own research and have an idea what the mental illness might be.  However, that is not enough!  Figuring out a way to get your relative to the mental hospital should be your plan.

Drugs and alcohol tend to play a part in aggravating a person who already has a severely troubled mind.  Getting hooked up with an intimate partner who also has a mental illness will also add fuel to the fire.  Living with people who don't understand mental challenges will cause even more problems for your daughter or in-law.  It is very important to have the person removed from a toxic environment as soon as possible.  

If you know someone who has repeatedly shown obvious signs that he or she is mentally disabled; yet the family sweeps everything under the rug, visit the website.  Not every mental crisis is treated the same way.  You can anonymously make a call to support groups who provide resources if you feel the individual is being abused.

If the individual is abusing drugs and/or alcohol, check out rehab centers in your area and request information on how to start the process on getting some help. 

Nicholl McGuire is a survivor of domestic violence, owner of this blog, an author and inspirational speaker on YouTube.

Sunday, June 2, 2019

7 People You Can’t Trust in Your Family

There are some people you just can’t trust because they have done things like:  chronically lied to you, repeatedly cheated, shared your personal information with others after you asked them not to, or talked negatively about you behind your back especially to those who dislike you.  Yet, some of us will continue to be charmed by these people and hold on to them because of their titles such as: mother, father, sister and brother or for sentimental reasons.

Photo by Javier Allegue Barros on Unsplash
We will continue to forgive and sometimes forget about what they have done to us, only to be disappointed time and time again.  These people can be disrespectful and manipulative.  Sometimes we need to be reminded who to say no to when approached and mean it.

One.  The person who never says anything about his or her personal life, but loves listening to what information you might have about others.

Never having too much of anything to say, the quiet individual can’t be trusted too much with details about your life.  Although he or she appears to care about our feelings and the things we share about our lives, the reality is that the mind is keeping record of what we say.  Eventually, this person will use information later against you especially if they are offended by you in some way.  For example, the infraction could have been a comment you made about his or her appearance, spending, marital relationship, or children, the minute the door is open, the floodgate of information is lifted then shared with others.  This person becomes your enemy.  

Two.  The one who can be bought with money and gifts.

You can keep this person as your “friend” for a limited time only.  However, the day you stop giving or say, “No” to him or her is the day when he or she is going to talk negatively about you to others.  Definitely not someone you can trust.  Remember, he or she is relying on you, you really have no need for him or her as a personal confidante.

Three.  The funny guy or story-teller who enjoys getting a reaction from listeners.

Big mouth, comedic types of folks use information shared for their next act sometimes with others.  They get a rush making people react to what they say.  Your secrets might slip out of a big mouth especially if they are good ones.  You don’t ever share personal details about your life with someone who makes a living talking to others and producing material unless you could care less about your stories getting out.

Four.  The relative who is always in need of money, boasts about money, or owes you money.

Money-loving and desperate people tend to be heartless and cruel.  They really have no use for people, places and things unless they can benefit them in some way.  These type of family members will do almost anything for cash.  From creating division between relatives to telling lies to keep quiet about things that they have seen and heard, a relative who needs money, owes money or already has it isn’t listening too much when you have your own share of troubles.

Five.  The family member who doesn’t believe he or she is ever in the wrong.

Approach this relative about his or her negative ways and they will argue first rather than admit he or she is not right.  You can’t trust this person with any information because he or she will turn on you like a snake if you so much as share your flaws.  “Don’t tell me anything about what I do, remember you told me…” he/she says.  Always keep your personal business to your self when dealing with the self-righteous who believe they are just as perfect, if not, more than God.

Six.  Those loved ones who have addictions i.e.) legal or illegal drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, and sexual issues.

Think, why would people need to rely on something harmful to their bodies to give them peace?  What has happened in their lives or is currently ongoing that would make these people feel like they need to escape reality if only for a moment?  Would you really want to share confidential information with this person in the hopes of getting useful feedback?  Has this person really proven that he or she can handle stress?  Nervous, worried, and impatient relatives aren’t always trustworthy and they too have a time limit on how long they stay quiet about juicy information.  The thoughts of what you said tend to come up frequently in a nervous person’s mind and sometimes it can be hard for them to keep a secret.

Seven.  The so-called Christian who brags about being a child of God yet he or she is a slave to sin.

Typically the believer who has a rollercoaster ride of a relationship with his or her Creator is a gossip.  For whatever reason, he or she will lie or exaggerate about things that they have trouble dealing with especially if you are doing well in life, but he or she is not.   These people will also falsely share information about God in ways that best suit them or those they are trying to impress.  It is best to trust in God and read the Bible for yourself, instead of believing a backsliding believer or unsaved man or woman with details of your life.

By identifying which relatives are untrustworthy while reflecting on the harmful things they have done to you and others in the past, will keep you from being drawn into unnecessary conflict with these people.  Most of all, you will be less likely to share your personal business with these individuals.

Nicholl McGuire is the owner of this blog, author of Say Goodbye to Dad and Tell Me Mother You're Sorry and a inspirational public speaker on YouTube.

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