Friday, June 12, 2015

The Scapegoat is The Truth-Teller, Blamed for Everything, Shamed

Author of Know your Enemy: The Christian's Critic, Nicholl McGuire, shares her latest work, Tell Me Mother You're Sorry, at In the book, readers are presented with observation, experiences, and advice from scapegoats' perspectives when it comes to dealing with the self-absorbed, often described as narcissistic, mother.

For years, sons and daughters who have viewed their families as dysfunctional and dared to speak out about the issues, are often quieted. They are told what to say, how to think, feel, and more. Siblings and others are recruited to turn against them. When they rebel against their programmers, they are made to look like they are crazy. They are blamed for one offense or another. They are used and abused. Whenever they present truthful family stories, offended relatives will twist words, lie about events, and bad mouth the scapegoats/truth-tellers in the family.

If you are the one being made to wear a scarlet letter in the family, don't worry there are many just like you. Learn more about narcissistic mothers in video below and also check out Nicholl's book,
Tell Me Mother You're Sorry, it's not just a book about a mother but many in similar roles who scheme to achieve devious plans.

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  1. Being the scapegoat is one thing, realizing that you are the scapegoat is something entirely different. I just came to this realization this past year. I feel like this very issue is the lowest common denominator....from this dynamic (narcissistic mother or father/scapegoating) flows forth all mental illness that we see today. it is that simple. nichol, if you were the scapegoat, it is easy to see why. Your creativity and beauty must have stirred up much jealousy, and probably still does! please keep writing about family of origin. also, in all of my reading on the internet, i think you are among very few African American writers who address this subject. You are kkind of a Renaissance Woman!


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