Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Threat of Losing Inheritance Money, Property, and More When You Anger the Wrong One in the Family

Some of our needy relatives and family friends can be bought with blood money, promises of money, and property.  You might be one of them who is acting well-behaved with the most difficult people in your family because of what has been promised to you.  So you put up with their negative comments, unreasonable demands, lies, and gossip while involving your spouse and children.  Your hope is that there will be a pay off someday for all your hardship.  But some of you learned the hard way after the deceased passed, you didn't get what you thought you deserved.

Many hopeful relatives were surprised when they discovered that much of what was promised by their kin was all smoke and mirrors.  They really thought by helping the so-called broke and busted in the family they would get blessed sooner or later.  They thought that if they assisted the rich in the family in getting richer by saving them money, they would get something that could pay bills off in return.  Whatever you might have did or are now doing for someone in the family who keeps promising they will leave something for you, help you, etc. take a moment, pause.  Is what you are doing for them really worth it?  Are your dreams of a better future because of their promises really accurate?  Can this person even be trusted?   Is there a better way to relate to this person or a better way out?  Difficult people with money are fickle and people without it are just as bad.

If you find yourself caught in a trap where someone has promised to give you something only if you do A, B, C and whatever else they come up with, know that they are setting you up to be used and abused for as long as your name sits on a policy, a will, a trust, etc.  Relatives like this don't love you, they love what you can do for them while feeling good having a bit of monetary power to flex in the family too.  When you stop doing, out comes the gifts to lure you back in or changes to the policies, legal documents, beneficiaries, and more when you don't perform like they wish.

If you are a believer, don't put yourself and others in bondage because someone is angry with you and has threatened to take what has been ordained by your heavenly Father for you.  I think of how God hated Esau because he sold what was due him for a bowl of soup.  If what is being given is filled with trouble, know that God didn't mean for you to have it anyway.  Don't learn the hard way like after the person dies; instead, free yourself now from the threats and promises and enjoy your life!

Nicholl McGuire shares spiritual insight on YouTube channel: nmenterprise7.

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  1. The issues you blog about are very relevant to me. I have a brother who has promised to leave a comfortable amount to each of us (his sisters). Soon after learning this, he begins fault finding, and I hear from other siblings that "he is done with me". That was months ago. I will continue to speak the truth, for that is what earned me the role os scapegoat in the first place. I will not be silenced by the hope of an inheritance from him. Although he did not specifically say it, I know it has been implied that I will not be included.


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