Friday, June 19, 2015

My Baby Wouldn't Hurt Anyone - When Mother Doesn't Want to Believe Her Child is Abusive

We have those family members who will tell the world just how much they love us.  They will fight, lie, create a protest, and do more when they know that someone has wronged us.  However, when you are guilty as sin, still some will defend you.  In the case of one mother that comes to mind, I realized that she truly loved her children unconditionally, but the fact remained she had raised abusive men.

The problem with entering into a family, with a long history of crazy-making disorders, is that no one wants anyone talking about their "Baby, My beautiful daughter and my good son..."  So if you are hell-bent on telling relatives that their loved one is "crazy, weird, abusive" or whatever else you know to be true, you could be opening up a Pandora's box.  You never know when that smiling in-law who claims he or she "understands...thanks for sharing..." is going to turn on you like a rattlesnake and bite you or worse take out their anger they have toward you on your children.  They didn't ask for or want you bringing them news they might already know and most likely don't want to hear again when they are too close for comfort with their babies.

That mother I spoke of earlier usually didn't like any of her sons' girlfriends especially after they said some sad, but true events about her babies.  After a good tongue lashing and/or some veiled threats from the controlling mother, those ladies went away with tails between their legs never to sit down in her presence with another unflattering word about her adult babies.

If you are a mother, keep in mind, that you are responsible for raising your child, but when he becomes a man, you don't throw the towel in, but you advise.  You don't shoot messengers, you use what you know and help your poor child.  You remind your sons and daughters of the pitfalls in life and what the consequences are when they cross others.  The mother's babies got lucky that the girlfriends' families didn't go after them.  And that's another thing, where are the fathers when your daughters are being used and abused?

Nicholl McGuire is the author of Tell Me Mother You're Sorry and shares spiritual insight on YouTube channel: nmenterprise7.

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