Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How to Fill Your Home with Happiness

Happiness at home doesn’t come from pretty pictures, a comfortable recliner, and a big screen TV, but happiness comes from within the mind, body, and spirit. How does one find joy in a home filled with challenges, anger, and resentment? If you have asked this question, then it is you that will be responsible for starting the process of creating contentment in your own home, here’s how.

Encourage and inspire those in your home starting with the person who is the most challenging. Some ways to do this include: unexpectedly bringing food from a favorite restaurant home while letting everyone know you were thinking of them, leaving a Thinking of You card in the bathroom for a partner, arranging some separate time for each of your children, or rewarding the family when they help with chores.

Whether you are spiritual, religious or otherwise, take some quiet time for yourself either when you first wake up or just before you go to bed to talk about the things that ail you about the most challenging person in your family. Sincerely ask God for guidance then be still for awhile until some thoughts come to mind on how to deal with him or her. You may not have any idea at that moment, but later something may come to mind.

Be prepared for negativity when it comes. The human spirit is powerful and it will seem as if this person or the people you are praying for will know you are doing something behind the scenes to promote change. They may act worse, but hold on because this is your sign that change is not that far away, so keep on praying.

Watch how you talk to the people in your family, life is too short! Ask rather than command. Speak softly more than raising your voice. Think about what you are going to say before you say it. Be slow to place blame or find fault.

If money won’t allow for you to keep up with the others, then stop trying. You won’t be able to get everything for everyone so eliminate some of your worries and stick to the priorities. List all your family's wants on a bulletin board. You may include photos or newspaper and magazine clippings. If the family really wants them, then they will make the effort to make them happen from selling or giving some things away to recycling plastic to save money.

Stop thinking about what could have been. The past is the past. Be in the present and take control over the things you can control like your own happiness. The only way you can do that is if you start by looking outside yourself and appreciating those around you.

Don’t try to be something you’re not. Hypocrites are unhappy people. They are too busy rushing to become something that they are not equipped to be. Start every project, every to do list, every self-help task, and every opportunity to forgive one step at a time. People don’t suddenly have a close relationship with God, lose weight, become a great mom, get a job, win a sweepstakes, or do anything and receive the fame and fortune. It all takes a lot of time and dedication! So ignore the critics and do what you can today!

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