Monday, May 30, 2011

10 Ways to Show Your Family & Friends More Love

1. Listen to them when they come to you with their problems.

2. Advice them, without being critical or judgmental, when they ask you for your opinion.

3. Keep their conversation private.

4. Surprise them once in awhile with an unexpected gift, offer to take them out, or babysit their children.

5. Send “Thinking of You” or “Just Because” notes and cards sometimes when it isn’t their birthday or some other holiday.

6. Offer to help them out with a task or problem without waiting for them to ask you.

7. Forgive them when they have wronged you.

8. Avoid talking about past issues that you know will make them feel bad.

9. Fight the temptation to be jealous when something good happens to them; instead, be happy for them.

10. Show respectful affection.

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