Sunday, June 19, 2011

Daughter, Why Your Father Won’t Approve of Your Dating Any Man

Your dad knows that at some point you are going to come home with a man you really like and you may feel like he is better than the last guy, but the truth is your dad isn’t really going to approve of him or any man for that matter.  You see, your dad was once a man and he knows how men think.
He may have given his daughter away in a marriage or encouraged her to say yes to a gentlemen suitor, but deep down inside he really wanted to say, “No.”  That’s why some dads cry at weddings.  He knows what goes around comes back around.  He starts thinking about all the mess he put his wife through and he knows that the man who says he loves his daughter is a younger version of him who will eventually make his daughter cry.
You may have tried everything to make your dad approve of the men you have dated over the years,  but that is a losing battle so save yourself the fight and end it.  Whether the man is black white yellow or red, the man is interested in you and your dad doesn’t like it. 
Now there are some things you can do to reassure your dad that you are happy with your decision and this article discusses some of those things.
First, don’t tell your mother every little thing wrong that your mate has ever done to you.  Your mother will go back and tell your dad your stories.  This doesn’t help your dad’s state of mind when he knows that this knucklehead you call your husband, fiancé or boyfriend has hurt his daughter.
Next, avoid telling your dad all the details of your relationship with your mate.  No mentally stable dad wants to hear about the kisses and the hot sex in the backseat of a car with his daughter and partner.  By telling him everything, you are giving him images that he rather not see (or if perverted he would want to see) and may send him over the edge.
Another thing you can do to help your dad adjust to your new life with a man is talk about the money he makes and how he is taking care of you.  Any dad who truly cares about his daughter is very interested in whether the man she is pledging her life to will take care of her.
Your dad may not tell you this but he wouldn’t mind a touching card or gift that says you love and appreciate him too.  Some dads are just jealous and wish that you paid them a little more attention too.  Give dear old dad a hug and tell him that you love him.
Some of you, who have a faith know you have a father in heaven and a father down here on earth so with that said, take the time to pray about your dad and his behavior.  Pray that he will be less combative, argumentative, angry, or jealous about your pick in a mate.
Lastly, try not to be angry around your dad.  If he sees you are upset with him he may act worse.  You want your dad to see you are happy and aren’t interested in holding anymore grudges against him about his past behavior. 
By Nicholl McGuire

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