Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Truth Will Set You Free

We think that because they are our relatives and friends that they will always tell the truth, but can I tell you, they won't!  Some will tell partial truths, others will tell white lies, while others won't say anything at all.

Some of us need the truth.  For the truth will set us free!  If you are spiritual, you know that the enemy keeps you in bondage by not telling the truth.  There are those who think they are doing the right thing simply by saying, "I rather not know."  Maybe you don't, but there are others that may be living daily with a lie.  Why not let the captives free and allow these people to tell the truth?

Relatives and friends may claim they care about us and that is why they rather not say anything at all about a family secret.  But when there is always that possibility of knowing the truth, why let someone you care about find out through a weird circumstance, a carelessly left paper or from a stranger on the street?

I think of someone who I had encountered who believes that a certain man is her father, when in fact he isn't!  Over the years, she has battled with so many issues and no one can find it in their hearts to share this information with her.  What if all her searching for peace of mind was due to the questions she always had about her identity?  Would the truth finally set her free?  No one wants to be the messenger, for fear they will be responsible for sending her over the edge.  In this case, I have since removed myself from her family.  I personally believe it is up to them to sit her down and talk to her, I can only hope and pray they will do just that.

I personally wouldn't want anyone in my own family to make the decision for me "to not say anything to Nicholl about..."  Give me enough information, without all the details at first, then let me think about whether I need to know more.  There is a way to slowly let a person know the truth without dumping it all in their lap at once!

I know for some people, they put some relatives and friends on pedestals in their lives, and that may be a very nice thing to do, but realize, that sometimes the one you love the most will hurt you.  For those who know the truth, but keep going along with a lie, especially if you claim to be a Christ believer, understand that there is someone much greater than man you will have to answer to.  For those who don't feel accountable to a creator, what goes around comes back around.

Nicholl McGuire

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