Friday, December 12, 2014

What is Paranoid Personality Disorder? (Mental Health Guru)

Is someone in your family often suspicious of others?  Thinking that relatives and family friends are up to something, they may tell others of their suspicions.  They are often accusing people of stealing something, planning to do something to harm them, or they believe that some around them are enemies.  These paranoid types will draw you into their imagined scenarios of what they think someone might be up to.  Although you may tell them that you don't believe that the accused would say or do something like what they are suggesting, they will insist that they believe otherwise.

Sometimes much proof must be provided in order to counter the paranoid person's personal beliefs.  Even with proof, these people will remain adamant about their suspicions.  If a small issue comes up with someone they believe is an enemy, they will blow the situation up while recruiting others to go along with their programming.  They will take on an attitude of, "I told you so."  Despite facts, the paranoid person who believes that there are people out to get him or her will not back down from lies and exaggerations they have conjured up about others. 

The best solution in dealing with people like this is the following: don't share personal details about your life, avoid being alone with them, record conversations if necessary, and whenever possible distance yourself if you notice the paranoid person is acting nervous, telling false stories, or accusing others of things that are untrue.  Politely excuse yourself and go about your business.  Most individuals like this, don't believe that they have any mental disorder.

Nicholl McGuire shares personal experiences on Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate blog, click here.

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