Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Beware of the Actress or Actor in Your Family

You may not believe that your mother, father, sister, brother, aunt or someone else in your family is one that enjoys acting--not for television or in theater plays--but for the family.  Chances are there is someone who has been "playing" the family for years and you may be one of many who got tricked.

From exaggerated story-telling to repeated requests to help with this thing or that one, these relatives love getting people emotionally wrapped into their madness.  They are usually people with far too much time on their hands, lack education, hobbies, unemployed, retired, and more.  So what they do is think of those in the family on a daily, weekly or monthly basis who might have something that they want whether time, money, or service.  "What can she do for me?" one thinks.  "What might he help me with and how can I convince him to do that for me?"  The actor or actress begins to prepare for his or her role especially when this person knows that a few are on to his or her game.

It took some time for me to realize that we had a damsel (actually more than one) who was often in distress in the family.  She enjoyed playing the emotional roles complete with a tear or two.  Her performances were believable.  She would change her voice whenever someone called her depending on who she thought might believe she was ill and in need of something and willing to help.  This person would ask for money, time or service from relatives who would call her.  At times, she would make conversation with gullible strangers on the street, in stores and elsewhere in the hopes that they could become fast friends.  This way she could use them later if she should need anything.  Each week she had relatives, friends or strangers coming in and out of her home, because they believed one story or another she shared.  She was never left empty-handed.  This sort of behavior went on for years often, but slowed down once she grew older.  She couldn't keep her act up--sometimes she would come out of her characters, mix her roles up, and forget her lines.  Those who realized they were being used began to back off.

Now when you are close to these people you don't often pay attention to when they are telling a truth or lie.  You most likely accept them whether good, bad or otherwise.  However, this sort of behavior isn't good when people in the family are warning you that So and So is a big actress or actor.  Sometimes you have to be burned time and time again before you will believe truth particularly from someone you don't trust in the first place.  But when you know someone behaves deceptively and you continue to help them, then you are an enabler--a person who helps perpetuate negative or destructive behavior in the sick individual. You convince yourself that you're are helping this person when you really are not. 

Gambling, substance abuse, lies, mayhem, and other things that people do that eventually affect others, can wreck havoc on a family that was once close.  Actors and actresses show up in certain relatives because they know that others will not accept them the way that they are.  Therefore, they will do things to hide their weaknesses; rather than make necessary changes to ensure peace within the family.  These pretenders in the family, who say one thing and do another, will try various tactics with different people to get hidden needs met.  So they might tell a story that is believeable and possibly truthful in an effort to make you feel good about helping them.  But the reality is, one might need the money to fund an addictive behavior, help someone else who is struggling, keep conflict going between others while hoping to benefit off the arguments in some way ie.) attention, etc.

If you aren't on to the actor or actress in the family, then most likely you are the one that relatives who have been burned already might be trying to warn, but you won't listen.  I challenge you today to open up your eyes and start keeping track of days and times the relative calls you with a request.  Notice his or her mannerisms.  Call back later and listen for change in his or her voice.  Ask others have they noticed anything different about the relative who is always in need.  Keep your wallet and gifts at home and see how he or she reacts when you show up empty-handed.  Stop offering to pay for his or her purchases and doing other services, then sit back and watch how he or she treats you. 

For some readers, you might be the one who is the actor or actress and see nothing wrong with what you are doing.  Sooner or later people will find you out and when they do they will stop coming around you and will warn others about you.  So don't ask why someone doesn't like you or is bad-mouthing you, you know what you have been doing. 

For others reading this, you might be the one who use to be this way and is sounding the alarm on other actors and actresses in the family.  But whatever role you are in, use to be in, or was never in, the point is keep your eyes open to actors and actresses in the family who love you as long as you do for them, but when you stop, they don't want to bother with you and might turn others against you because of it.  You know what to do when this happens, cut them off!

Nicholl McGuire
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