Thursday, September 26, 2013

5 Reasons Why His Girlfriend/Wife is Strange

Some men can pick the most unusual women to date and eventually marry and when they do, the family (for a time) has to put up with their relative's strange pick for a mate especially if they have children together.  So what might make your relative's woman act and react so strangely and when might the family want to fall back from getting to know this person?

1.  She lived a wild life that might have caused far too many mental melt downs.

From personalities that appear out of nowhere to caring for others in ways that a doctor just might offer a prescription or two, a weird woman's mind has been beaten over the years by far too much partying, bad breakups, a terrible childhood, family secrets, and more.  No amount of talking will help someone who doesn't think that she is acting strangely.

2.  She had a child or children while lacking the mental and physical support from the other parent or family members during tough times.

A woman who hasn't been a mother for long isn't necessarily right in her mind all the time especially if the father and other relatives are not providing needed support.

3.  Past abuse--sexual, physical, mental, etc. within her own family

If she has been abused by relatives, she is not always going to think straight when it comes to relating to those who may look or act in ways that remind her of her abuser(s).  Women who never sought any help for their conditions are walking around mentally and/or physically sick.  And the evidence of their illnesses sometimes doesn't show up until they open their mouths and start talking or usually after spending much time with them in the presence of others. 

4.  Too much or too little material wealth.

Spending far too much time to make, save, and invest money will make anyone go crazy!  She is worried about not having enough or too much, she obsesses over how much money is being spent on one thing or another.  She dominates her household with threats, fear, and more when it comes to buying and saving.  Overtime, her controlling ways are displayed in the way she talks and walks leaving people to think negatively about her.

5.  She was born strange.

No excuses, some women were born evil, weird, odd, or "out there." 

When the opportune time comes for the family to back off from the strange woman is usually when you begin to see signs that your relative is not really as fond of her like he once was.  He avoids public affection, he is visibly irritated with her when she speaks, he often finds excuses to be a part from her, he doesn't like listening or talking to her like he did before, and he starts talking about dating, meeting other women, and going places without her. 

The difference in the way a family member (in a relationship with a weird woman) behaves around her might begin within a month or two after the family has met her maybe sooner or later depending on his tolerance level for the strange.  This difference in the way he reacts toward his partner is because he most likely has noticed some things about her and has also observed his own family's reaction to her, "There is something off about that one...nice, but weird." 

Gradually your family member will withdraw from his mate within the same year after repeated warning signs that yell, "This one is definitely not the one!"  But a foolish, desperate type of male or one, who believes he might go to hell if he divorces yet again, just might keep the strange woman on his arm little longer (than most) that is if the following applies:  he has children with her, if she is more nice-looking than most women he has dated in the past, has much money and he is benefiting off of it, and if the strange woman is doing some toe-curling things in bed that leaves him in a never-before experienced temporary trance.  Yet, he will one day break up with the weird woman for good (only after repeated attempts to work it out) simply because he can longer tolerate her bizarre ways. 

Get ready to witness a period of watching your relative and his strange woman ride on a roller coaster ride of twists and turns before finally saying, "I need to get off this crazy ride!"  And for those of you who are religious, no amount of prayer and fasting will help someone who is determined to get out and get over his mistake and keep in mind God doesn't always heal the mentally challenged either, so don't encourage people to stay together especially when the environment turns hostile!

Nicholl McGuire blogger of this site and others.  She maintains twitter and hub pages as well.  She is the author of Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate, When Mothers Cry and other books.

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