Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Family Lies, Exaggerates, Cover-Ups and Forgets

They won't admit to the things they done in the past without making things appear as if "they weren't so bad, you were mistaken, it didn't happen that way..." etc.  No sense in arguing with them, because you know your truth!

Family lie, exaggerate, cover-up and forget things that make them look bad.  Who wants to put their arm up and say, "Okay, I did it.  I'm sorry.  I should have, could have..."  Maybe at some point your relative might come to grips with the truth and try to make yesteryears' wrongs right, but then again maybe not.  However, using all sorts of tactics to get your family to see the light won't make them come to any revelation any faster.  Rather, all you will be doing is continuing to build a wedge of resistance and possibly put yourself in a position of alienation between you and those you sincerely want in your life--is it worth it? 

Depending on what the issue was, whether the relative has changed, and how much damage was done to you and if  you can find peace within yourself, will determine whether you or they will reach some sort of compromise.  The person or group that hurt you may die never saying "I apologize."  But you can free yourself now by moving on with your life and doing the kinds of things that make YOU happy while all they can do is just spectate.  The sweetest revenge is the kind that only your Creator can provide--he knows how to hit people where they hurt when they have done wrongly to others--I am a witness, my God is awesome!

Sometimes we are guilty of enabling all of this lying, exaggerating and covering-up in families by not letting go and letting God, so to speak.  We tell others that they are making up things while we choose to ignore or forget things.  We accuse others of lying, when we have been guilty of adding to the lie.  We act as if nothing ever happened and tell others to get over it, when we know that bad things really did happen, and we were too scared, worried, or sick to say anything.  Think of times when you weren't always truthful or failed to remember specific details that could have helped someone else. 

It makes no sense to keep reminding yourself of the pain one has inflicted on you--that is self-torture!  Someone in the family might be encouraging you to deal with this person and that one even though you know it isn't healthy.  Why convince yourself that you are mistaken, crazy, or strange for feeling the way you do about someone (just because they are a relative) when you know that their behaviors make you feel uncomfortable, aren't right, and downright weird?  But so many family members will put themselves in challenging situations, while screaming, "Get me out!"when they know someone in the family has repeatedly hurt them with words and actions.

Break free from these lying, exaggerating, covering up, forgetful people by:

1.  Ignoring phone calls, email, text, and snail mail.

2.  Avoiding family events where you will have to deal with them without someone to mediate.

3.  Say no to favors.

4.  Don't move into their homes.

5.  Don't open your circles of friends to them.

6.  Don't borrow money and other items.

7.  Stay away from conversations with those who are connected to them about them.  Otherwise, your conversation will run the risk of being repeated.

Think of other things you can do to find the peace you need from those who aren't interested in building you or others up, but rather break them down.

Nicholl McGuire

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