Saturday, March 29, 2014

Wild, Crazy and Rude - It's All in the Family

I was thinking about the many family members that have a screw or two loose upstairs due to years of drug use, sexual diseases, wars, and turbulent relationships and I thought, "No wonder so many relatives are distant."  Who really wants the wild, crazy and rude at the barbecue, the birthday celebration, or even at the church?  Sooner or later one or all three of these type of family members are going to say or do something that is going to make a relative wish he or she never saw their faces again!

Some do-good type of relatives want family events to be memorable, so they will take a chance and invite the family members who are better off left alone--even when God himself is saying, "Avoid the drama..."  Despite the past issues with relatives, the wild ones will still come out and show their love and support until someone triggers a deep rooted emotional issue to come flying forth!  Now the fight is on!

Do yourself a favor as the season warms up and family get-togethers are underway, stay clear of the drama.  When you know you have issues with certain relatives, stay home!  If you are planning the party, take a vote on whether Crazy Henry, Wild Suzie, or Rude Brenda should be at the event.  I'm sure the reason why the last event didn't go over so well is because all three showed up!

Nicholl McGuire

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