Saturday, March 1, 2014

Bad Weather + Bad Attitude = Kooky Behavior

Weeks of cold weather made up of snow, rain, and very little sun will make anyone lose it!  Grandma is suffering with pain in her body which affects her mind.  Mom is yelling about God knows what--she hasn't seen the sun in weeks!  Dad is staring at a television screen like a man under hypnosis--blocking out all sound around him.  He hopes to one day get back to his backyard activities.  Siblings are fighting about what this one has and what this one wants.  Mother Nature has a way of working a number on the human psyche.

When so much is going on indoors, it can be a challenge to go outdoors.  Therefore, one must check his or her kooky behavior before someone does.  The family must exercise some patience, look for ways to stay busy without need of others, and be helpful whenever called upon.  Negative attitudes, loud conversation, and bad-mouthing just adds fuel to the melting pot of personalities all around.

Sometimes family can be very understanding of short-tempers, impatience, and disrespect when outside the home and interacting with others they barely know.  However, at home can be a very different story.  It would make sense to treat others how one wants to be treated at home and wherever he or she goes, but of course, that doesn't happen with all individuals.  Some people enjoy feuds, more than they like peace.

Bad weather will affect one's mood and the results may not be good, so we must all check our minds, bodies, and spirits and avoid trouble whenever we can via phone, at home, and other places.  In the words of one of my children, "Mind your own business!"

Nicholl McGuire

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