Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Liars in the Family - Don't Be Deceived This Year!

Last year you may have believed one story or another about relatives because "So and So told me..." but then later discovered they were incorrect about the facts, blatantly lied, or did other things that proved that some of your relatives are compulsive liars!  Don't be deceived again! 

An easy way to stay out the loop of others' dramas is to be unavailable for it.  When the liar calls, exchange pleasantries so as not to be accused of being rude, but when the conversation begins to take a negative turn (such as questionable story-telling about another family member), tell the person, "I got to go...I have a lot to do...I have a full day...It's busy around here..." then follow your statement soon after with a "Bye, Have a good day!"  If you choose to entertain the liar, he or she will eventually lead you to respond in a way that might possibly validate his lies and most likely share what you said or did with other relatives.

Liars are always looking out for self first!  They orchestrate plans to get selfish needs met.  When a liar realizes that people no longer want to be in his or her presence, the person will come up with ways to draw them near again.  They will pretend as if they care about others, have changed their evil ways, create family related events, and use others to build up their reputations so as to appear as if they are honest.  When all else fails, they set out to destroy the reputations and partnerships of those who know the liar very well in the hopes to win people on their side.

Nicholl McGuire  

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