Wednesday, December 9, 2015

When Family Members Don't Wish You Well - Pessimistic and Proud Kinfolk

You didn't do what a relative wanted, you behaved in ways that upset one or more than a few members in your family, or maybe you aren't guilty of anything but being wiser, smarter, better, and more accomplished than most of your relatives.  No one is condemning you here.

Some people are just not going to behave nicely whether you talk to them much or very little.  These same people are the customers we see holding up the lines in stores arguing about little things while wanting some of us standing behind them to co-sign on their rants.  I think to myself, "You probably are a problem at home too."

Miserable people can't formulate their mouths to wish you well.  How can they when they look in the mirror everyday and see that they didn't do much in life but work, complain, have babies, complain some more, spend money, save money, and you know the rest.  A lifestyle that is okay, but unsatisfying is not what any of us wished for as we grew older especially jealous and petty individuals.  Even if you don't have much going on in your life, if you should crack a smile around mean-spirited individuals, they aren't the least bit jolly around you--they have issues that might not have anything to do with you.

Negative people look for ways to wipe the smile off your face and others.  They aren't going to welcome you with a warm demeanor, say kind words or do anything out of their way to assist you.  This is why we have to re-evaluate what part are individuals like this will play in our futures even if they have been there for us and "at times weren't so bad but..."  You have to know when to let them go and let God deal with them.

It doesn't matter if the toxic people in your life are parents, grandparents, workers, children, or best friends for decades, if folks are bringing you down, it's time to do something different like guard your heart for starters.

Nicholl McGuire is the author of Say Goodbye to Dad and other books.

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