Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Wish that Relatives Would See the Light - Not Everyone is Sane in the Family

People who are mentally ill don't know that they are.  If they detect something is not quite right with themselves, they work hard to cover up their insanity.  All of their tactics of blaming, denying, minimizing, abusing, and using others are excellent tools to keep the unsuspecting in the dark. 

Sometimes it takes years for hurting family members to separate the truth from the lies, but by the time this happens victims want nothing to do with them. 

"After all these years you believed I was the crazy one when your parents were really the nuts!"

"You thought I had something to do with that?  Your crazy brother was at fault!"

"Why didn't you ever bother to pick up the phone and find out what exactly I supposedly said or what occurred over at the house?"

Some partially insane folks have enough sense to create smokescreens so if you aren't discerning and don't bother questioning what you think you might know based on what they told you, you will believe almost anything.

The next time a loved one tells you something, think before you speak, "What really happened?  What did he/she do the reason why her children, siblings, etc. are distant?  Why doesn't my relative do more with her life besides talk negatively about others?"

Hold your judgment and know that with some people they don't want you to ever find out just how cold-bloodied and cruel they really are.  Watch as well as pray!

Nicholl McGuire has had her share of experiences with narcissists, substance abusers, and those who walk on the dark side.  Check out her practical guides at this site.

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