Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Holiday Season Might Be the Last Chance to Sever or Repair Family Ties

Sometimes we just have to face the fact that some relatives don't like, respect or care for us as much as we think.  Once the revelation is made, you can either pretend like you don't see the truth or accept it.  Too many family members and friends will be spending hours together in rooms trying hard to ignore what is wrong with toxic ties, but a few just might "lose it" and when they do, don't wonder why.  Years of suffocating voices that needed to be heard will eventually scream before the masses, "Listen to me!" and what better time than a holiday gathering.  So the host is taking a chance putting tension filled relatives together and hoping they will behave themselves.  Change is a coming for many families.  Check out Loved Ones with Toxic Behaviors.

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