Sunday, November 1, 2015

No Longer a Poster Child for the Family Dysfunction

When we are born we don't know who these people are who are responsible for caring for us.  We are babies that soon grow into adults who have to take care of ourselves.  So when family drops the ball a time or two in our lives, we have to learn quickly how to survive or else remain down.  As much as some would like to take credit for the rebound moments in our lives, we are the ones who were ultimately in control. 

We were down and out in the first place, because someone didn't teach us well.  So we start again and again with or without a support system until we get our lives back in order.  However, we don't realize that someone in the family has put us up on a poster with the word "dysfunction" somewhere on it.  They have basically called us "crazy" and said that we were responsible for our own shortcomings even when they were catalysts behind some of them.  The truth is, people put on fronts to merely hide just how evil they can be.  For instance, if I were to push you into the water knowing you can't swim then blame you for standing too close, what kind of person would I be?  Then if I were to go and tell someone how crazy you were for jumping into the water and no one ever hears your side, then you would be falsely viewed as being the crazy one until the truth catches up with the lies.

I personally share insightful wisdom to alert others to that poster of dysfunction that has been going around about him or her and how to get one's self down off of it.  If you have ever felt like a black sheep, lost or confused in a family that co-signs on dysfunctional behavior, then by all means feel free to check out my YouTube page and stop by Smashwords.  This has been my calling for some time now spiritually moving people to think about the dysfunction they have been fed. My work attracts believers in a Supreme Being and encourages one to draw near to Him (not an establishment other than to learn some things) and definitely not toward abusive handlers.

When I realized my own personal truth and recognized that repeatedly I had been invalidated in so many ways by those who claimed to love me, I did what I had to do and that was focus on what I can to make a difference. 

Awakening to truth, no matter how hard it is or how much it hurts, is a great start toward independence and freedom from controlling individuals.  I am so grateful to the one true God for opening up my eyes to see that the mind manipulation had to stop!  I hope you too will have the courage and strength to no longer accept being that poster child for dysfunction in your own family.

Be at peace.

Nicholl McGuire is the author of Say Goodbye to Dad and other books.

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