Wednesday, February 18, 2015

On Family History: When Titles Don't Make Relatives Right, Truth Does

If you should take a moment to argue with a self-righteous family member about what you deem to be right about family history and it is proven wrong, this relative might act very prideful while reminding you of his or her title, whatever that might be in your life, while advising you about your education, who you think you know, or skill level in a certain area.  But if you were to be right about a person or event in family history, this same prideful relative might attempt to downplay what you have said, discredit you, and act very jealous.  He or she might do any of the following: fault-find, play ignorant, ignore facts, act judgmental, etc.  Keep in mind, a title doesn't make a relative or guardian right, but the truth does!

When you are awakened to the shoddy foundation of a family unit and see that what has been passed down for years from patriarchs and matriarchs is incorrect, it is natural to want to point out flaws in the family's thoughts, traditions, stories, and more.  However, those that enjoy believing the lies, desire to keep secrets, refuse to be wrong, and may have issue with you and your family, will argue, defend, back-bite, leave people out of wills, or even physically fight about the facts.

No contact is always the best way to go when you can't seem to speak any truth to relatives who rather insult, argue, and threaten you.  No one should have to deal with toxic people who believe they are often right, when they are usually often wrong.  Establish your boundaries, create new view points, share facts with those who care, and don't give place to the enemy by losing your cool!

Nicholl McGuire shares spiritual insight on YouTube channel: nmenterprise7. 

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