Friday, November 7, 2014

Your Family is Not Your Friends - Watch the Story-Telling at Family Gatherings

As much as we would love to treat our family members as our friends, we quickly realize when a family member simply isn't a friend when he or she talks in ways that tell us so.  For instance, if you were to tell your friend your deepest, darkest secrets, there is no feeling of obligation with your friend to tell anyone.  But if you were to tell a relative the same thing, he or she might feel the need to alert your parent or someone who he or she might be able to assist you even when that isn't necessary.

Your family is not your friends and do keep this in mind when you gather at the next family event.  It is at these gatherings when people feel so open, comfortable and happy being around folks they haven't seen in awhile that they feel like they need to share some family stories.  Sometimes it is best just to avoid the fodder about relatives and stick to talking about things like: the food, Black Friday sales, the weather, work related tasks, activities, etc. 

You just might be a person who truly loves your family and will not keep anything from them, but when it comes to other people's personal business, it is better to keep those things to yourself.  Family members have roles in our lives that look more like mentors, teachers, parents, counselors, and other titles of authority and less like best friends, acquaintances, and co-workers. 

Nicholl McGuire

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