Thursday, February 7, 2013

Didn't Choose Them

When I was a baby,
I was born to a lady
that I didn't choose
who easily blew her fuse.
Thought I had the best,
until she was put to the test.
Now this I must confess,
didn't know God to bless.
Then there was a dad,
who was sad.
I wasn't the little lad,
so he was mad.
Life didn't start with people
who ran and prayed under a steeple.
They weren't all nice,
nor did their words entice.
There was no different me
for the world to see.
I had to leave, I had to break free!
I was just like all the rest,
forced to do my very best.
Then later in life,
put parents to test.
No, I didn't choose them.
My past would get dim.
Had to live and learn,
get spiritual to discern.
Who was friend and
who was really foe?
Too many relatives put on a show.
Grew older, got wise,
could see between all the lies.
Had children of my own,
and oh, how they had grown!
Didn't think too much about my people,
still avoiding the Jesus that was on the steeple.
Now I'm not sharing for sympathy,
and could care less about empathy.
But what you need to know,
before I go,
is that there is more to life than putting on a show.
Nicholl McGuire maintains this blog and others.  Check out her latest blog Face Your Foe Other blogs: Work Place Problems and Spiritual Poems By Nicholl.

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