Thursday, December 22, 2016

Family Traditions and Drama - Why Bother?

Family traditions, nothing wrong with them until they put one in a box, make an individual feel miserable, disrupt an otherwise happy marriage, and inconvenience many kinfolk.  People go where they are genuinely wanted--well-received.  However, they avoid places where there is going to be yet again put-downs, tears, fears, and crazy-making.  Some relatives can't help themselves, they are mentally disturbed and others are ill-equipped to entertain much less host a family function.  Yet, family members will go along with the programming while vowing, "Next year will be different...I won't be coming back during the holidays...I will stay at home with my own family."

Why bother lugging rambunctious kids to a celebration where they will be bored, adults will complain about all the noise and energy that they bring?  Why consider attending a function that is poorly organized and attendees aren't your favorite people?  Why ruin a possibly good time because one lacks self control when it comes to drinking?  Yet, people will keep with tradition while breaking inside.

If one is tired of the hustle and bustle just to make it to family events, spending money on gifts you really can't afford, energy-sapping connections with relatives, then do something different!  Break an old family tradition, and start a new one!

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