Monday, April 20, 2015

They Look Like Such a Happy Family

You might have walked by them, sat by the so-called happy family in a restaurant, and thought, "Wow, they are such a happy family.  Everyone looks so beautiful..."

Some of the most attractive and content looking families are having their share of issues.  The kind that don't easily go away.  What we see is merely an act like that of a Hollywood movie scene.  Those who are discerning, look beyond the surface.  They see pain underneath the masks and experience a negative vibe emanating from them.

Oftentimes, the stressed head of family is keeping up the best act.  He is smiling at strangers and purposely making eye contact with them to appear friendly.  He exchanges warm pleasantries while his body language advertises, "I am a pretender."  He is acting polite and attentive in public toward his family, but every now and then his true self emerges when he is irritated about something his wife and children may have said or done.  He is behaving himself at least while watchful eyes are in view.

The family head's wife puts on a fake smile when spoke to directly.  She pretends to be interested in the family conversation and the environment around her, but her eyes say, "I wish I was anywhere but here."  She isn't smiling at the women who gaze in her family's direction, she doesn't trust them or the partner she is with around them. The wife barely smiles at the men who nod as they pass by because she knows how jealous her husband can be.

The couple's children chat among each other and occasionally misbehave.  After being warned, they sit silently with a half-hearted smile here and there as disappointed parents look on.  They mustn't mess up the perfect family public facade.

Nicholl McGuire shares spiritual insight on YouTube channel: nmenterprise7 

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