Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Appreciate What You Have - When It's Gone, It's Gone - Life, Love, Family, Money, Home

Every second someone dies in this world.  How many of those people who were on their last hours prior to death even gave a thought about their lives, family, help they could have provided others, etc.?  What regrets did they have?  What had they wished to do had they not died?

Consider those who have lost much still walking this earth.  Now that their life storms have passed, how are they living and what are they doing to show love to others, enjoy life, encourage family, assist others financially, etc.?

People living life good right now aren't thinking too much about what more they hope to accomplish when it comes to love, relationships, money, and more because they are comfortable.  They take one day at a time--the house is here, the love is there--all is good.

Yet, far too many people take advantage of the fact that partners and children will always be there.  They assume that each day will be more of the same, so "I don't need to change, do anything different, I am who I am," they say.  The rich, selfish, miserable, and unforgiving, all start their days not even thinking about a divine Creator who controls life and death.  They live as if they are fully in control of their lives and others, that is until bad news arrives.

Now a once peaceful life is disturbed.  The "should have, could have, would have" emotions start flooding in.  Too busy to talk on the phone to loved ones.  No time to see a dying relative.  No money to share with someone or a family who needs help.  This is what happened up until the terrible news was received.

Now tears fall from faces, hearts are heavy, and memories flood minds.  There are regrets, promises made, and hope for the future until life storms pass.  Then it is more of the same.

Appreciate what you have.  Listen to that gut feeling.  Ask yourself, "What have I been putting off that continues to gently remind me to tend to it?"  Is it a phone call, an email, a document, a visit, an important legal matter...?  Do what you can while there is still time to do it!

Nicholl McGuire is the author of When Mothers Cry. 

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