Saturday, September 6, 2014

Deceased Loved Ones: Trouble from the Grave

When some loved ones were alive they were trouble, and now long gone in mind, body and spirit and they are still trouble!  These angry, bitter, or crazy relatives and friends didn't make peace while alive and so the unfinished business they left behind is stirring up all sorts of dissension.

When was the last time you spoke to a relative who caused the family much chaos?  This person could one day die and the drama could worsen.  If it is in your power or someone else's in the family to expose pending issues and get them settled, the sooner, the better.

Far too many people who once got along well with one another, ended up having much difficulty long after a loved one died, because some things were said by the deceased relative during their waking hours.  The selfish, controlling, prideful and busybody type is most concerned about material wealth; therefore he or she might say some things to get others to be bound to their things. 

"After we die, don't ever sell this...We invested much time and money on these things.  We might come back from the grave and haunt you...Don't ever part with grandma's ring, you know how much it means to her.  Hold on to this family heirloom, it will be worth something some day," selfish loved ones might say.

Sometimes things do hold value in time and the beneficiary just might experience a big pay off, but when "that thing" is causing so much trouble in the family to the point that everyone and everything is in upheaval because of it, one must ask his or herself, "Is it worth it?"

If you have someone in your family that says or does things related to "when I die..." that make you feel uncomfortable, question this person, interview others about his or her state of mind, and most of all be sure that this person has a living will in the event that he or she is no longer able to speak.  When you do these things, you are less likely to experience trouble from the grave.

Nicholl McGuire

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