Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Hypomania - a milder form of Mania

In this video, the reporter shares the mental personality disorder hypomania and provides a woman's experiences to further explain the condition.  Mental issues such as hypomania and others are often overlooked by family.  Those who think they are "normal" dismiss others as being "odd, weird, crazy."  But there is more to what those, who are coping with an imperfect body, are going through.  They are typically unaware of what is happening at the moment that it is occurring.  Demanding that one act a certain way while in a weak state of mind is like talking to a wall for some and for others might lead to major disputes or worse violence.  The one going through the mania, must be given the opportunity to do the following in order to calm down:  pace one's self, cut back on certain activities, be left alone if he or she is in no danger of harming self or others, or removed from the environment that is causing major stress.  Also, he or she might need to be reminded to take his or her medication, herbal supplement, etc. 

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