Wednesday, October 2, 2013

6 Things Relatives Will Do When They are Harboring Ill Feelings Toward Others

Whether you or someone you know offended mom, dad, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, cousin, or someone else, there will be an unexplainable tension--a subtle feeling that someone doesn't like you as much as they use to, or some other negative emotion you will experience when in this person's presence, over-the-phone, or via email.

You may have been the one who made a statement that one who feels he or she is always right, honest, and great to get along with would disagree.  You might have overheard someone say something about you.  But whatever the offense, ill feelings will fester and rise over and over again until they are released.  Sometimes the release comes in ways that will leave people angry, bitter, confused, and unwilling to maintain a relationship/friendship with certain relatives.

So what are some things that your relatives might do when they are holding negative feelings toward other family members?

1. Badmouth them.

2. Lie or create stories that make them appear like they are the good guy.

3.  Spy or eavesdrop on conversations in the hopes that they will find out something that will add to their negative emotions.

4.  Act unfriendly.

5.  Start a fight with the one who offended them and anyone who is acting nicely toward the disgruntled family member's enemy.

6.  Be disrespectful, rude or arrogant so as to appear like he or she is more intelligent, wealthy, or favored by other family members.

There are plenty more, but these six points will help you spot a person who has issues with you or someone else in the family.  Be prepared for sudden anger outbursts, petty behaviors such as: loud yelling, name-calling, hurtful remarks--jokes, not calling relatives after confrontation, avoidance of family events, and the silent treatment.

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