Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Don't Buy Everyone a Gift Whether Physically or Mentally When You Have Major Debt

We shop for others whether in our minds or in our wallets.  Then when the money is spent or we ponder far too long on gift-giving and do way too much research on what we could do, then we wish we hadn't--time and money are valuable!

        "I thank you for this but...I wish you hadn't...I didn't need this...Could you take this back, my child doesn't play with these...Did you think before you got this for me?"

Oh, the voices from relatives and friends who don't bite their tongues!  You know you could have used your hard-earned money or credit for someone else, mainly yourself.  "I could have used this thing and that one instead of buying for you or your child," you think.

For a moment, reflect on the past when you had absolutely no money to buy anyone anything.  How did you feel?  Were you made to feel guilty by others?  Did you allow controlling individuals to talk you into thinking about them next year?  Did you vow you would make everyone happy by buying everyone something?

Today some of you will be free from all of the bondage you placed upon yourself.  Something inside your being doesn't want to be a slave to debt!  The quiet voice within keeps moving you not to buy this person and that one.  Well, heed the voice and your gut feeling, "Don't do it!" at least not yet for a select few people.  You see, birthdays will come around and "thinking of you" moments throughout the year, then what? You will be paying back your debt and those moments will come and go.  What most people don't realize it is the unexpected, unanticipated gift-giving that makes all the difference in the world.  When one is in the state of loneliness, he or she would love for someone to drop by, call, or send a gift in the mail throughout the year.  Most families have more than enough during this time of year ie.) a roof over their heads, clothes on their backs, food in their bellies, and a bed to rest.  Many families are too busy trying to give stuff away or sell --new, used, broken or dare I say it, stolen.

So why would you permit yourself to be pressured into buying things for everyone closest to you?  Why would you even spend money on pricey gifts for a select few when you know you owe people money?  The best gift for anyone is to pay back what you owe whether that is a company or an individual.

Take a look at your finances.  Think about what those around you have promised to help you with, give you, etc.  Then look back at your finances.  Take a moment to reflect on all you have already done ie.) service, freebies, "above and beyond" tasks, a listening ear, etc.  Consider what others have told you about certain individuals you were thinking about buying for "not needing another thing."  If you already got some folks some things, take them back or sell them for a higher price online and then pay back what you owe others.  Then check your list, that is if you have one, to see what you thought you were going to buy then talk yourself out of buying them or research as to why those items wouldn't be a good purchase (I did this myself and saved $$$).  Then fold the list up and place it in a Bible symbolically placing your burden in God's hands, if you don't have a faith then throw it away, or give the list to someone else who can afford to spend much money on gifts for everyone.  Remember the point of this blog entry, be free, my friend.

Now is the time to cast your burdens away!  Don't permit yourself to be grieved by your circumstances any longer.   Pay the bills you owe.  Avoid attending functions that will only bring out the worse in you.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a quiet holiday season at home.  Besides, if you go anywhere, you will feel uneasy, possibly jealous, and brought into someone else's drama about, "All I do for these people and they couldn't at least wash the dishes!  I wish that I had gotten this gift from your mom, what am I going to do with it?  You know your Uncle buys cheap gifts (sigh).  Where did your Aunt get this at a flea market?"

Be free my friend, be free.

Nicholl McGuire

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